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Our Founder

Carole Cowperthwaite-O’Hagan, RCC, CCC, CACC

Carole Cowperthwaite-O’Hagan has 20+ years of experience helping professionals overcome obstacles and achieve personal and corporate goals.  Carole is frequently sought by senior level executives and business owners to assist with implementing organizational and leadership goals within professional services firms and Fortune 500 companies.  Carole specializes in raising awareness levels on differing communication styles among team members and is especially skilled in helping individuals achieve organizational goals through collaboratively practicing improved communication tactics.

A recognized expert for her work, Carole is the co-author of “The Coaching Conversation” and “Tough Times Tactics”. She is a popular speaker and trainer and known for her engaging presentations and creative training style.  Carole has taught coaching techniques to hundreds of individuals, teams, and groups within organizations across the country and internationally.  She is a Registered Corporate Coach, Certified Corporate Coach, Certified Advanced Corporate Coach and lead instructor.

Executive and leadership coaching with Coaching Advisors for Executives (CAE Inc) supports existing senior executives as well as emerging leaders and rising high potential stars.

Companies spend billions of dollars every year on corporate training and development for their employees.  Training alone can increase employee productivity only by 20-25%.  Our clients have found that training combined with coaching achieves the ultimate results of 80% and higher.  CAE Inc. is a recognized leader in Executive Coaching and Training.

We assist Small businesses upward to Fortune 500 in achieving continuous and measurable improvement in their people’s performance.  Coaching is approved worldwide by leading experts and our belief is that teams and individuals that are willing, accountable and remain focused will achieve business success.

Carole's Books


Our Clients

A primary focus of Coaching Advisors for Executives is effective collaboration with our client/partners. We customize our coaching and training to meet the needs of our clients. We have provided our services to individuals and a team within some of today’s leading companies and organizations:

  • Amgen

  • Blackwell Consulting Services

  • Century 21

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Commonwealth Edison

  • CUNA

  • Educators Credit Union

  • Goldman Sachs

  • IASA

  • IBM

  • Invesco

  • John Green Realty

  • Keller Williama

  • Kirkland & Ellis LLP

  • Lutheran Life Communities

  • Marklund

  • Marriott

  • Merrill Lynch

  • Morgan Stanley

  • Raymond James

  • Trustmark Insurance

  • UBS

  • UCLA

  • USAA

  • Wells Fargo 

  • Wilmer Hale

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